Powderhorn, Minneapolis, MN Homes for Sale

Powderhorn, Minneapolis, MN Homes for Sale

About Powderhorn

Powderhorn is a mostly residential community in the city of Minneapolis, Minnesota located south of Central Minneapolis and Phillips. The district is comprised of eight individual neighborhoods, which are Bancroft, Bryant, Corcoran, Lyndale, Powderhorn Park, Standish, Whittier, and Central. Whittier and Lyndale to the northwest are well-developed mixed-use neighborhoods with various commercial establishments and museums. The other six areas feature mostly suburban neighborhoods with schools and public parks throughout them serving the many families living in the region. Homes in Powderhorn are perfect for families looking for a family-friendly suburban community within a short drive to Downtown Minneapolis.

Homes for sale in the community are primarily single-family homes with some low-rise apartment buildings and upper-class luxury subdivisions. Single-family homes in the district are mostly older houses built during the 1920s and 1930s. These residences have the classic wooden exteriors, multi-level designs, spacious yards, living room area, full kitchen, and two to four-bedroom layouts.

Notable Locations:

Powderhorn Park
Sibley Park
Phelps Field Park
Painter Park
Karmel Shopping Mall
Lake Plaza Shopping Mall
Minneapolis Institute of Art
Pillsbury House and Theatre

School Information:

Richard R. Green Central Park Elementary School
Whittier International Elementary School
Wellstone International High School
South High School
Risen Christ Catholic School

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